Master's Degree Programme in Mathematics

Degree title:
Master of Science
Degree program type:
Master's Degree
120 cr
Responsible organisation:
Faculty of Mathematics and Science
Coordinating organisation:
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Curriculum periods:
2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024


Master's degree in mathematics gives the student a deep knowledge on the main subject and good knowledge on minor subjects and the capability to apply these in working life. The degree programme divides into two lines: mathematics, and stochastics and probability. The students obtains the ability to act as an expert in questions related to his/her field of specialty and has the necessary prerequisite for postgraduate studies.

The master's degree accompanied with teacher's pedagogical studies gives the competence to serve as mathematics teacher in several school levels.

Learning outcomes

A Master of Science in mathematics
  • masters his/her speciality and knows the fundamental concepts and main results of other areas of mathematics
  • knows how to apply his/her knowledge in problem solving
  • is able to follow the advances in mathematics from journals aimed for non-specialists.
  • has the ability to act as an expert in questions related to mathematics.
  • can organize and run projects, and is capable for independent and responsible decision making.
  • has a broad view on mathematics' role in every-day life and can validate the role of mathematics in society.
  • is able to co-operate and take responsibility
  • takes ethical issues seriously and follows ethical principles.


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