KAHVAKOK Governing, networking and making impacts in arts and culture (25 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Responsible organisation:
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Coordinating organisation:
Department of History and Ethnology
Curriculum periods:
2022-2023, 2023-2024
Elective studies:
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Opintokokonaisuus syventää monipuolisesti kulttuurialan moninaisissa hallinto- ja johtotehtävissä tarvittavaa osaamista.


In this module, students will broaden and deepen the knowledge and skills required in various cultural administration and management positions. Based on recent research, they will gain knowledge of the basic situation, challenges and current trends of cultural administration. They will study structural, economic and political factors that affect the development of cultural actor networks and cultural professionals’ opportunities for employment and to make an impact. The module focuses on Finland, but it also examines the international cultural policy system and its effects on national, regional and local administration, and vice versa. One important perspective is the role and significance of knowledge in cultural administration. In the courses, students will also gain knowledge of the current trends and practices of the cultural labour market.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, students will

  • understand the meaning of arts, cultural, cultural heritage and cultural environment policy;
  • know the basics, structures, funding mechanisms and current trends of Finnish arts, cultural heritage and cultural environment policy;
  • be able to identify arts and cultural institutions and other key cultural actors and be familiar with their positions, roles, funding, practices and relations, and the interactions between them;
  • know how to influence policy and be able to organise cultural activities that make an impact on society;
  • know the basics of the knowledge architecture of the field and making an impact through knowledge;
  • be familiar with recent research in the field.

In the courses, students will develop their knowledge and skills in relation to their position in working life and career plans.


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