MMT1KOK Music and Mind (15–25 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Responsible organisation:
Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies
Curriculum periods:
2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024
Elective studies:
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This collection of courses provides students with an expertise on the research area of music perception & cognition. Through lectures, demonstrations and projects, students learn how music works, both in the mind and in the world. On the mind side, topics include pitch and rhythm processing, musical skill development and how musical training changes your brain. Extending to the world, topics include the social cognition of music, and musical embodiment. Through project work, students will also learn of the various technologies relevant to contemporary research, providing them with a unique and targeted skill set, preparing them for doctoral studies.

Learning outcomes

After completing the module the student

- has received an expertise of the main areas of contemporary research on music perception and cognition, and of music & neuroscience

- is able to critically evaluate, compare and summarise various empirical and theoretical propositions and related psychological aspects of music perception, cognition and behaviour in Finnish and in English

- has received competences in using various technologies and an aptitude for applying relevant technology to research projects (e.g. motion capture, EEG, sensor technology, music production software, music studio equipment)

- has experience for carrying out academic projects in a multidisciplinary setting


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