XYHI1001 Multilingual and Intercultural Communication Competencies (3 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Pass - fail
Responsible organisation:
Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication
Curriculum periods:
2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024



Upon completion of this course, students are expected to:
- understand the meanings and functions of languages and cultures in interaction
- be aware of fundamental elements of intercultural communication, such as stereotyping, ethnocentrism, and identity
- be motivated to interact in multilingual and intercultural groups and
- have skills and knowledge to engage and facilitate intercultural and multilingual groups and teams.


Lectures, readings and assignments to be completed individually and in groups.

Learning outcomes

The course aims at deepening the knowledge and skills needed in multilingual and multicultural work life. Themes of the course include communication skills required in different contexts, such as online negotiations, podcasts, and / or academic presentation situations. The course aims at utilizing students’ language repertoire and encourages them to participate in multilingual interactions. The aim of the course is to understand that different languages encode different worldviews. Further, issues of identity and power are addressed from the perspective of contemporary work life.

Completion methods

Method 1

Evaluation criteria:
Active participation in contact teaching, individual and group learning assignments to be completed according to the given instructions. Students are expected to demonstrate achievement of the set learning goals. More detailed assessment criteria will be discussed at the beginning of the course.
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Parts of the completion methods

Participation in teaching (3 cr)

Participation in teaching
Grading scale:
Pass - fail