XSU0014 Writing Course in Finnish (4 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Pass - fail
Responsible organisation:
Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication
Curriculum periods:
2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024



The aim of the course is for the students to learn to master the conventions of writing communication, different types of text, and academic writing skills. Additionally, students will search for individualized ways to develop his/her own languages skills through writing.

Completion methods

During the course’s contact hours, the students will practice writing in different kinds of short assignments, in both pairs and groups. There are also 4-6 larger written text assignments, which are given as homework. The students will be able to influence the type and scope of the written assignments.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to write different types of expert/academic texts (e.g. application forms, semi-formal and formal messages, essays), and adapt the tone of texts to meet different needs. The students will also master the writing skills needed in academic study (e.g. note writing techniques, summarizing, referencing and citation, and structuring reports).

Additional information

Writing course
TARGET GROUP: After "Study life Finnish" course or after 200 hundred hours of Finnish studies

Description of prerequisites

Suomi 3 or equivalent skills

Recommended prerequisites

Study materials

The course study pack has been designed to meet the specific needs of the group and it can be collected from the teacher for a fee.

Completion methods

Method 1

Evaluation criteria:
Completion of the course requires attendance and completion of the given tasks within the agreed time. During the course, the students receive feedback and evaluation of their texts. The students also evaluate their own work and give and receive peer feedback.
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Teaching (4 cr)

Participation in teaching
Grading scale:
Pass - fail
No published teaching