XENA1000 Academic Writing Modules: The Compilation Section of an Article-Based Dissertation (2 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Pass - fail
Responsible organisation:
Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



The article-based (or compilation) dissertation has become increasingly common in most disciplines although its format varies considerably among universities, depending also on the field. The aim of this module is to assist the participants in the preparation of the compilation section of their own article-based dissertation. We will compare the two main dissertation types (monograph and compilation), examine the general and faculty-specific guidelines for writing the compilation section, and discuss the writing process from a practical perspective. Recommended for final-stage doctoral students.

Assessment details

Compulsory and active participation. Successful completion of core assignments. Final grading is based on the applicable grading scale for the course.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the participants are expected to:
- understand the main benefits and possible challenges in writing an article-based dissertation
- be familiar with the possible forms of organization of an article-based dissertation as well as with the structural expectations/preferences at their department
- understand the various phases in the process of writing an article-based dissertation, including planning and publishing the individual research articles as well as planning and writing the compilation part of the dissertation
- be familiar with the function of each section in the compilation part and the various strategies that can be used when writing these sections
- demonstrate an effective and purposeful application of the functional principles and strategies when writing the various sections of the compilation part

Completion methods

Method 1

Select all marked parts
Parts of the completion methods

Teaching (2 cr)

Participation in teaching
Grading scale:
Pass - fail