BENS4039 Master's seminar 1 and project management (3 cr)

Study level:
Advanced studies
Grading scale:
English, Finnish
Responsible organisation:
Department of Biological and Environmental Science
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



Master’s seminar help students to find a thesis subject and plan their own thesis project. Finding and using relevant literature to produce a research plan is practiced and students have an opportunity to discuss about their scientific work with fellow students and professors. The seminar includes a written literature review and a research plan which is also orally presented. Students also give comments on each others´ work. This course must be finished before starting the actual thesis work.

Completion methods

Lectures, science events at the department and demonstrations, written seminar work, research plan and oral presentation of the thesis topic. Discussion and commenting other students work in seminar. Critical commenting of others students written and oral presentations as an opponent.

Assessment details

Written seminar work, research plan, oral presentation and activity of participation in discussions.

Learning outcomes

After finishing the course, the student:
- is able to plan his/her thesis project
- has good theoretical/methodological knowledge on the thesis subject
- is able to narrow the research topic and formulate research question
- can write research seminar work and research plan
- is able to give both written and oral presentation of the thesis topic
- is able to have constructive scientific discussion

Completion methods

Method 1

Select all marked parts
Parts of the completion methods

Teaching (3 cr)

Participation in teaching
Grading scale:
English, Finnish