KOPS1002 Identity, agency and emotions in language learning and teaching (5 cr)

Study level:
Advanced studies
Grading scale:
English, Finnish
Responsible organisation:
Department of Language and Communication Studies
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



In the course the students familiarize themselves with the concepts of identity, agency and emotions in the context of language learning and teaching.

Completion methods

Contact teaching and group work

Assessment details

Active participation to the contact teaching (min. 80 % of the meetings), learning tasks and final assignment.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes: After completing the course students

• are able to define the concepts of identity, agency and emotion
• are familiar with the research done on identity, agency and emotions in the field of language learning and teaching
• understand the significance of emotions for language learning and teaching
• are able to develop their own identity and agency as language teachers
• are familiar with different ways of supporting the development of their pupils’ language identities and agency
• are able to use the basic concepts in doing research on language learning and teaching
• are familiar with some research methods that are potential in doing research on identity, agency and emotions

Additional information

The course is run either in Finnish or in English depending on the year.

Study materials

To be announced in the beginning of the course.

Completion methods

Method 1

Select all marked parts
Parts of the completion methods
Unpublished assessment item