JYUM005 International Student Tutoring (2 cr)

Study level:
Other studies
Grading scale:
Pass - fail
Responsible organisation:
University Services
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



The international student tutor training consists of a one-day training in the spring, a networking event for tutors and a training before the beginning of the semester. In addition, a feedback event is organized for the tutors. The training in the spring and before the beginning of the semester are compulsory for international student tutors.

The duration of the training in the spring is eight hours. The contents of the training include the duties and responsibilities of a tutor, the university community, intercultural communication and how to encounter new cultures, advising an international group of students, welcoming international students upon arrival as well as the practicalities related to international students and the services provided for them.

The contents of the training (4 hours) before the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters include issues related to the arrival, orientation and accommodation as well as the services targeted at international students. In addition, current issues and challenges will be discussed and international student tutors supported in their work.

Feedback will be gathered and discussed upon in the feedback event.

Completion methods

The following is required in order to complete the study module successfully:

- Tutoring an international group of students at the beginning of the semester
- Participating in the international student tutor training (8 hours) and a training before the beginning of the semester (4 hours)
- Preparing a report of the international student tutoring. The report should be two-three pages long and should answer at least to the following questions:

- When, how often and to whom has the student acted as an international student tutor?
- What was included in the duties?
- What has the student learned from acting as a tutor, e.g. communication skills, international experience, cooperation skills?
- How can the student make use of the experience in the future?
- In the student's opinion, how should student tutoring be developed?

In addition, the student should reflect upon acting as a tutor from the point of view of the learning outcomes of the degree. The report is to be returned to the head of academic affairs of the faculty.

Learning outcomes

After having completed the international student tutor training the participant
- knows what his/her duties and responsibilities as a tutor are
- knows how to tutor an international group of students and to plan the international student tutoring activities as well as how to work in cooperation with the other international student tutors
- knows how and where to search for information and solutions to problems as well as to guide the international students to do the same
- knows how to advise international students in practical questions related to the university and the living surroundings
- knows how to take into consideration cultural differences in his/her communication and actions
- knows how to take accessibility and equality into account in his/her work with the international students

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