FTES1003 Applications of Exercise Physiology in Physiotherapy Science (2 cr)

Study level:
Advanced studies
Grading scale:
English, Finnish
Responsible organisation:
Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



Functioning of neuromuscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems during therapeutic exercise

Completion methods

Independent study

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Book exam 100%

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student is able to
• assess the effects of physical loading on body systems in significant diseases
• define the need and contents of therapeutic exercise in these diseases
• apply the methods of exercise physiology in therapeutic exercise and scientific research

Additional information

Autumn or spring semester


  • Ehrman, J., Gordon, P., Visich, P. & Keteyian, S. 2013. Clinical Exercise Physiology. 3rd ed. Champaign, IL., USA : Human Kinetics (776 p.). (ss. 45-88, 215-276, 317-349, 489-604 (yht 250 s.)

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