EKIA516 Media in Britain (4 cr)

Study level:
Intermediate studies
Grading scale:
Responsible organisation:
Department of Language and Communication Studies
Curriculum periods:
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



The main aim of this course is to familiarize oneself with the media scene in Britain.

Completion methods

Readings, pair/group work, writing and presenting a final report.
83 % attandance

Assessment details

Active participation in class and final report

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the students will be able to

-discuss (recent) history and development of the media in Britain
-reflect on and explain the relationship between politics and media in Britain
- discuss the issues of nationality and media in Britain
-discuss characteristics of different types of the media and see their relation to each other
-pay attention to their own skills as to media literacy

Additional information

Target group: second and third year students

Description of prerequisites

Basic studies

Study materials

Material available in Optima/Internet sources

Completion methods

Method 1

Select all marked parts
Parts of the completion methods
Unpublished assessment item